We Reign With Him In Love


In this Kingdom of God, we are all the sons of His love—for He dwells in us. His Kingdom is filled with temples in worship to Him!
As His sons, we are His spokesmen. We repeat what He says—what He tells us to say—to declare, to decree, to charge. His way is the only way. He is THE divine power. He is THE only authority. Satan has no power or authority. Satan has nothing in common with us—he has no love, no worship, no power, and no authority. We have nothing in common with satan because we are part of Almighty God. We dwell in the Kingdom of God. We do not intermix-we are not an integrated people. The Scripture tells us “come out from among them”. We do not blend with the people of any other Kingdom! We do not inter-marry. We do not join with them nor do we join partnership with them. We ARE special! We are set apart! We are light! We are truth! We are grace! We are all the divine attributes of our Father and His first-born son.

When we ask in His Name, it is done for us because Jesus has gone to the Father and prepared the way for us to follow. Whatever we speak out in the authority granted to us, it is accomplished and done. For we do not speak according to any earthly authority but we speak as one who has been given dominion over the situation. It is not us that speaks but it is the ultimate, divine, greatest authority in and by which we speak!
We do not speak as mere men, asking God in Jesus Name. We come before the mountain and in His Name-based on our position as His sons, that we have whatsoever we say. “Lazarus, come forth!”, “Little girl, I say to you, arise!”, “Your son shall not die, but live!” Jesus showed us by example exactly how to dominate circumstances!

We command—we are in charge—we are anointed! We are chosen—we are peculiar in that we no longer operated under the laws and limits of this world.
We do subdue! We have conquored! We have overcome! We do rule and we do reign! Christ in us, the hope of Gloryl God seen in us, as He reveals us to the world as His sons! God is heard in us! He rules in us!

What I say is never by my own authority. In my relationship with God, my Father, I hear and listen to His voice. I have His Holy Spirit and am led by His Spirit into all truth. We operate in the power of life and death—and that power is demonstrated in our mouths-by our tongues! It is no longer I that lives, but it is Christ—the anointed son of God—that lives! My life is not my own.

We rule and we reign over the obstacles in this world and by the power of God. His Spirit in us doing the work! In my obedience to God, I die to myself, to live for Him. I am a partaker of His might and of His Glory! I am one with Him. I abide in Him and His Words abide in me, I ask what I will and it is done! Finished. Final. Completed!
My words echo His words and they are always the final authority. No one can object! No one can overrule! This is not a democracy! This is not a vote with the majority ruling.
God is the majority. His might and His power rule over all. He is! He is the Alpha and the Omega! The Beginning and the End! He is over all and above all! He is the Creator and all are subject to Him. His reign is Love. His reign is justice. His reign is always Blessing!

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