Peace Dwells In Us


Do you ever pray for peace?

I know I used to–often times asking for it dozens of times a day!

Then I grew up to realize that Jesus, Who the Scripture names “The Prince of Peace”, dwells in me in His fullness. And He stated, “My peace I give unto you. This peace the world cannot take away”.  Peace never leaves us. Even when we’re worried or scared, wringing our hands in confusion and stress out, His peace remains.

There’s never a situation where His peace is not present. And whether we are allowing peace to reign is based wholly on our faith.

Do you believe you’re a child of God? You use your faith to believe this–to know this. You experience this truth in your emotions every time you’re reminded of this. Just because you have a bad experience, you don’t wonder about your salvation, do you?

Peace is a similar love gift from our Father. He gave us Jesus, and He gave us to Jesus. I like to view this as if I’m an embryo in the safe womb of peace.

When I use my faith to believe that peace is something already alive in me–just as much as salvation is alive in me–then I allow peace to reign, and to rule over my thoughts.

When my thoughts are cooperating with God’s Spirit truth, then my emotions correspond. And I let the peace of God act as umpire continually in my heart–declaring peace to every conflict with peace in every situation. Its a simple act of faith to believe that His peace never leaves us.

Again, there is never a situation where His peace is not already present and strong to keep us safe.

Let peace be your guide. Allow peace to do its mighty work in your heart. Allow peace to keep Jesus–the Prince of Peace–the ruler over your life,  by which He enables you to live life to its fullest!

Peace be with you.

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  1. Lori Banks says: Reply

    I love this 🙂 It makes me happy just reading it…like my heart is smiling! thank you Carole…

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