In John 21:3, we read where Peter seems to be going back to his old ways. Perhaps he’s too insecure in his own ability to minister without Jesus. (fear of failure) “I am going fishing”, he announces. And this obviously  was not recreational fishing, something to do as entertainment. It was “all night” labor.

In verse 21:5 Jesus meets Peter on the shore and says these simple words, “Simon Peter, do you love Me more than these?”  I think Jesus was referring to Peter going his old way, relying on himself and on what he knew from life. Because 3x’s Jesus reminded Peter of his ministry call. “Feed My sheep”.

The original Greek words it this way; Jesus said “Peter, do you have a love for Me called out of your heart by My preciousness to you, a devotional love that impels you to sacrifice yourself for Me? Do you consider Me more precious and thus love Me more than anything?”

Isn’t that beautiful?

Jesus wasn’t calling on Peter to serve Him based on what Jesus was doing, but on Who Jesus was.
Service responsive not to answers to prayer, but on relationship with Him.

Not on the kind of help Jesus was offering, but out of respect and honor for Who Jesus was.

I love it. Unconditional love received and unconditional love given back.

May this come true in all our God-given relationships, but especially in our heart toward God and Jesus.

Obedience to our call just because He is precious to us.

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