God Always Prepares Us


If you think that God is uninvolved with your life, except perhaps, for those times you frantically call on Him, you’re mistaken.

He pays very close attention to every detail of your life. All the time! He knows what’s coming your way. He knows what you need in advance to an evil attack. The responsibility is on us individually to take advantage of His protection and provision, but He always has a plan ready to be activated by us.

How do we get into or activate God’s plan? By paying attention.

God is communicating with us all the time. Whatever it is that we need, whether a word of assurance, a confirmation when we’re uncertain, direction when we’re lost, or preparation for something coming our way, He is aware and active in every aspect of our lives.

We are the ones who activate this divine help. Through our faith. I think faith is simple. To me, it is simply believing that God is in love with us. To believe that God is really interested, present, and participating to the degree we allow Him. Even more simply, to believe that His love really do take care of us.

When we live purposefully in this knowledge, gratitude automatically flows from our heart to Him. We live more expectantly for good things to happen in us, to us, and from us.

Heeding God isn’t some mysterious, spooky thing. It’s just being conscious of the fact that He desires us to participate with Him, in living each day to its highest capacity.

This morning I picked up my Amplified Translation bible. I had the book of Isaiah in my thoughts, so I turned there. I randomly started reading toward the end of chapter 59, these words; “And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]…”  Because of a personal battle I was facing, where right and truth were being attacked, I knew I was reading words that would help me in this area of need. Verse 19 ministered to me in a powerful way. “So (as a result of the Messiah’s intervention) … when the enemy shall come in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight!”

I began to express gratitude to God for His encouragement to me through these words. I praised Him for reminding me that He was actively involved in my life! I thanked Him for the wonderful results coming my way as my Messiah intervened on my behalf! I turned my heart to victory and away from the emotion of concern, worry, and fretting over the problem I faced.

Moments later, the phone rang, and I was verbally attacked with vicious words that were untrue and not right. Did it shake me up? No way. Why? God had prepared me in advance, so my shield of faith in Who He is in my life, was raised and protecting my heart!

This is how our ‘days of heaven on earth’ lives should look like! Life will always hand us opportunities to be hurt, and afflicted. But when those weapons are formed against us, they will not prosper!  The sword and arrows will not penetrate our hearts to hurt us, but rather, simple hit our shield, and fall to the ground worthless.

Not only is God good, but He is the best Father that you could ever dream up in your highest dreams! He is so attentive, so nurturing, so helpful, and ever-present. Most people never get to experience this amazing life with their heavenly Father because they just don’t recognize how easy it is to live life with Him. Participating with Him from first wakening to sleeping at night.

I hope this challenges you as well as inspires you to come higher with Him! Consider how much more pleasant your life will be when you’re living in the fullness of His delight and desire for you!


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