Working Grace


Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord of hosts. For who are you oh great mountain of human obstacles? [before me] you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the end result of completion, crying “Grace, grace” to it.

I’ve paraphrased this passage from the book of Zechariah.
It is not the word “grace” that accomplished the plan of God. The revelation of Grace as we stand in front of every “great mountain of human obstacles” is what causes that mountain to be removed, to be cast into the sea.
The volume of our cry does not move the mountain. It is the revelation. The knowledge that we stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. The knowledge that He has given to us all power and all authority on earth and in heaven. Like Jesus, when He spoke, He knew He was the Son of Almighty, All-powerful Jehovah. He knew that nothing could defy the will of God to accomplish signs, wonders, and miracles!
It was not the might nor the power of the man Jesus that was used to accomplish the will of our Father. It was by The Spirit of God, operating in heavenly dominion and authority that brought the might and power to the mountains of human obstacles that Jesus faced. He even said, “I can of My own self do nothing, but only by the working of the Spirit of God within Me.”
He spoke what He knew as Truth in His heart. He spoke from the platform of knowledge, taking dominion, and using that authority.
Listen to the words of Jesus in John 17. This chapter is all about the power we’ve been given and its vital that we climb off the religious false humility of weak man teachings, to stand. And having done all to stand in the glory of our sonship, as we enter into the place of sonship to rule and reign on this earth in and through power!
“Just as You have given Him [Jesus] power and authority over all flesh [all human kind] so that He (Jesus) may give eternal life to all whom You have given Him (Jesus).” Vs 7, “Now at last they know and understand that all You have given Me (Jesus) I HAVE GIVEN THEM.”
God gave His first-born Son “power and authority over all human kind” and now Jesus is transferring “ALL” of that power and authority to you and I!
We pattern the use of all that power and authority through the leading of His Spirit, as we “only do what the Father does, and only say what we hear the Father saying”. This power and authority is not given so we can use it for evil, to hurt people. But it is given to us to use in the building of God’s plan, just as Zerubbabal rebuilt the wall in Jerusalem, with cries of “grace, grace” to it.
Walking in power and authority is all about grace. And grace is all about what has been given to us through Jesus–undeserved and unmerited gifts of God’s love–manifested in us, for us, and through us to accomplish the will of God.
What human obstacles stand in the way of God, within your specific assignment today?
We do not pray and ask God to do something He has already done, like “help me please”.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with God, knowing who we are just as Jesus acknowledged who He was, and in the revelation of sonship, we cry “mountain! be removed”. “grace, grace” that causes mountains to become flat plains.
Ask Father for a greater revelation of grace and how to put this heaven-sent power tool to work in your hands and mouth today.
In His Great Love,
Pastor Carole

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